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The Real estate and rental and leasing sectors include companies primarily engaged in leasing, renting, or otherwise using property, plant and equipment or intangible assets, and companies providing related services. Most of this sector is made up of companies that lease, rent or allow their assets to be used. Assets can be tangible, as in real estate and equipment, or intangible, as in the case of patents and trademarks. This sector also includes companies primarily dealing with property management, sale, rental and/or purchase of property for third parties and property valuation.

These activities are closely related to the main activities of the sector and are included here on a production basis. In addition, most property management is carried out independently by landlords.

The main components of this sector are:
  • The real estate rental industry.
  • The Equipment industry (including automobiles, computers, and consumer goods).
  • Tenants of nonfinancial intangible assets (excluding copyrighted works).

Companies that mostly rent or lease equipment to operators are not included in this sector. Companies that rent or lease equipment to operators are divided into sub-sectors depending on the type of service provided (e.g., transportation, construction, agriculture). This activity is excluded from this sector because apart from leasing equipment, the customer also pays for the know-how and knowledge of the equipment operator. In many cases, such as renting heavy construction machinery, the operator is essential to operate the equipment.

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We've best in class tools and strategies to make sure that property is rented out as quickly as possible. These tools and strategies come with checklists and processes that we have tested over years of experience in a particular domain.

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